One Pic Three Words – find the three secret quiz words in each picture!


WebAllGames introduces you One Pic Three Words – find the three secret quiz words in each picture! This game is free to play, so enjoy it!

One Pic Three Words – find the three secret quiz words in each picture!

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As usual in a puzzle game, you have a picture where you have to find a word that corresponds to it and One Pic Three Words – find the three secret quiz words in each picture! is no exception to the rule. But this time, the editor has come out with something new. You will have an image and you will have to find three words that correspond to this photo. This game is available in a few languages such as English, Danish, French, German, Norwegian and Swedish.

1 pic2

In An Image – three words, you will see an image with a series of blank spaces. Do you know the tips to fill up these spaces? Look carefully at the picture and try to find the three objects that can be deciphered from the blank letters. In other words, your challenge in every level is to find the three secret words with a single image as your clue! A picture could be worth a thousand words, but would you be able to determine exactly the three words that we are looking for?

1 pic3


An Image – three words is completely free to try! Simply press the download button and start playing!


This game is very simple! Look carefully at the image and enter your answer by clicking on the letters provided.

1 pic4


Couldn’t find the answer? Use the magnifying glass to reveal the letters. Still stuck? Then click on the key to see all of the answers of this challenge! You can get more clues by completing the levels or buy them!


An Image – three words contains hundreds of challenges of different images! Can you solve all of them?

1 pic5

drapeau FR

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