Jelly Splash


Jelly Splash is a new game just like Candy Crush Saga that is very popular on the downloading platforms.

Jelly Splash

jelly splash

One of the great classic games is back but this time is a real success! Jelly Splash takes the idea of removing blocks by creating some lines. Not only the game has a very consistent life, but it also offers some very cool features. Despite that, the gameplay allows you to create horizontal, vertical and diagonal combinations!  Therefore, you can make very substantial combos with a little bit of logic.

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Jelly Splash has 140 levels that are linked together just like in Candy Crush Saga. You will go through different game modes in which moves are limited, the boxes need to be broken repeatedly or you must reach a certain number of points… The gameplay of Jelly Splash offers you some bonuses to unlock, special moves and also some tips and tricks to assimilate in order to pass the levels. You will find that the points you score depend on the length of the line that you can draw. It may be interesting to make a shorter chain to leave the same color blocks to make a longer chain on the next combo.


Among the modes proposed by Jelly Splash, you have the objective to reach a certain number of points in a limited number of shots, which is in the simplest mode. Then you have the black silt mode. In this mode, you need to remove the blackened boxes by making them explode once. Basically, you just have to make a combination of each black box. This mode will become increasingly hard because the access to these boxes are getting harder, like frozen candy in Candy Crush Saga. The third mode is to release those prisoners’ jellies. To free them, you have to feed as many jellies of their color. Basically, if your prisoner’s jelly displays ‘15’, you have to make a set of combinations of at least 15 jellies including the prisoner jelly in order to release it. Clearly, if you make a combo of 15 jellies at a glance, you can immediately free it. Otherwise, you will have to do a few combos. After that, you will discover an equivalent mode of « make the fruits drop » in Candy Crush Saga, but this time is with a big diamond! You just have to make them reach the bottom of the screen and hop victory.


The game is free and the publisher has added a few options to make it interesting! Among these options, you can choose to add extra movements at the end of the game. Take note that each time you try a level, but you do not succeed, you lose a heart. To recover it, you will have to wait about twenty minutes.

Personal opinion: This game is very nice although the vegetable species that burst are too static. The concept is nice but the game is terribly long at the end of each level. Overall, I give a rather positive feedback!

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