Green Farm 3


Have you tried Green Farm 2 and Farmville? If yes, there is no more secrets for you. Here, you have Green Farm 3 that re-takes the same concept of these games.

Green Farm 3

green farm 3

Green Farm 3 is a new adventure game of construction and development of a farm. You inherit a mansion of your uncle and you must not only restore it, but make it a famous place! To get there, you have to try your best to manage your farm by starting with planting the fruits. Then, evolve your farm slowly in order to become capable of producing everything.

green farm 3 1

Of course, you cannot build an agricultural empire alone. You will have to rely on friends and neighbors. Green Farm 3 uses the same principle of this kind of game and offers you some quests to guide you in order to achieve the goal. You will get some rewards with every experience you get. Soon, you will have access to new buildings that will let you discovered some new things.

green farm 3 2

The publisher has re-arranged the decorations and if you’ve played Green Farm 2, you will not be too disoriented anyway. The new characters are beautiful and the overall gameplay is smooth and rather successful at the same time. Green Farm 3 is published by Gameloft, no doubt, it is a guarantee of quality mobile games.

green farm 3 3

Do you know that every day Gameloft sees more than a million of its games downloaded on all platforms? They even have a dozens of partnerships with the biggest names like Marvel and the others? So yes, in general, if you see a badge of Gameloft stick on a game, you can consider it as a quality game.

For now, Green Farm 3 is available only on Android. It should be soon release on iOS!

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