Farm Heroes Saga


Farm Heroes Saga is an awesome game similar to Candy Crush Saga but far more challenging, from the same editor King.

Farm Heroes Saga

farm heroes saga

« Do Not Change Something that works » could be the main words of the monday morning meeting with King Studio’s boss. That studio is the editor of the very famous Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, Bubble Witch Saga… The concept of this game remains exactly the same : levels to pass one by one along a windy track on which we advance slowly, and on which we see at which level our friends are stuck thanks to Facebook.

Farm Heroes Saga uses again the initial spirit of Bejeweled and we must create lines, not of jewels (nor candies), but vegetables and fruits! Except that this time, that game brings some real new stuff that totally changes the way of playing and the fun of it.

Creating lines of 3 veggies will have them disappear. You will send them to your basket on the top left corner, and once you reach the target, you will pass the level and will be allowed to start the next level. Well. Not much new so far except that we have a veggie-meter. Once again, we meet the 3-stars system but to reach the 3 stars we need much more than plucking the required amount of carrots.

You will quickly realize that you are limited in the amount of moves allowed, and that plucking the veggies 3 at a time is not the right way to do it. You must understand how to collect far more in one shot and the way to do it properly is not obvious from the very start.

You will notice that creating a line of 3 veggies will add a small 1 on the veggies you must collect. You know which one you must collect by looking at your basket on the top left corner. Let’s say you need 20 carrots. If you create a line of any vegetables, the surrounding carrots around that line will receive a +1. This means that next time you will crete a line including these +1 carrots, you will collect not 1 but 2 carrots. You must try to create as many combo as you can so that you can have as many needed veggies in the minimum amount of moves.

If you seek more advanced combos, the line of 4 identical veggies will directly add a +2 on the required items near that line you just created. This +2 will help you get your objective done even quicker and fill your basket quicker.

A 5-line will send +2 on 5 required veggies, even if those are not at close range from that line.

A L-shape or T-shape will add a +1 on all the required veggies that you must collect on horizontal and vertical lines. So, when you see you can make this combo, try to have as many required veggies in the axis of the L or the T before activating it to make it more profitable.

As soon as you will have succeeded to fill your basket with what you are asked, you will start the « Hero Mode », and for before every remaining move you will receive +1 on some veggies that you needed to collect, helping you to blow up your score.

Know that only the veggies you are required to collect in basket give you points! The others don not help you to score, just to create combos

In the early stages, you will meet the flowers, that need 4 combos next to them to be plucked. Those can be quite a burden.

farm heroes saga raccoon

Why would you bother yourself to fully fill that basket and try your hardest to reach the 3 stars? In this game, on the contrary to Candy Crush Saga, is that we are in Farm Heroes Saga and that we have Boss Fights against the evil raccoon at the end of each stage. You will notice that the more you fill your basket, the more you will receive beans at the end of the level. You can spend those beans aginst the matches againt that raccoon. According to how many beans you spend, you will have a permanent bonus of +1 or +2 on the required vegetables you need to collect. The Boss stages are hard and the amount of fruits you need to gather is very high with a limited amount of moves. These beans are definitely your best friends in the later stages.

Some other things that may help you are the bonuses. At the beginning, the game offers us some of them to try them out (do not use them, do not wste them), and you will be able to create new bonus for free with the animals (Yes Farm Heroes Saga is not just called this way because of the evil Raccoon). An Animal level is a level in which your objective is not to unlock the 3 stars but is to unlock 3 animals. Instead of 1 star, you have 1 animal, 2 stars, 2 animals and 3 stars, 3 animals.Once you have a set of 3 animals you unlock some bonuses.

Among these bonus, we have the shovel, that directly pluck 1 vegetable or fruit (or a flower in 1 shot instead of 4), the tractor that will suppres an horizontal line (it only plus vegetables and fruits, not the special ones like the flower), the +1 bonus that will add a +1 on each needed fruit, and man many others that we let you discover by yourself.

In short, Farm Heroes Saga is at least as good as Candy Crush Saga in my view.

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